Android is now ruling the mobile devices around the world. Is anyone thought of their Android deceive security? Why I am asking this question is, your personal information might be used by someone.if you are not aware of what you are browsing and on what you are clicking. So for that have you ever thought do you need to have antivirus on android smartphone or tablet? Now we are here to discuss that issue.

Android ,AnivirusHow Robust And Vulnerable Android Is

Android offers great apps which are almost free to use, you don’t even as to pay much. Open source platform for all the developers who wants to design the applications the way they want. User inference is like pretty awesome.Users can easily understand what app he or she wants to get installed on their android devices. Android platform also provides security apps to fight against the virus and malware attacks.It is just more than Antivirus because it includes data backup, remote wipe, in case if you lost your device.

How Vulnerable Android Is

As Android is the open source platform. It is Vulnerable in same cases. Basically, Android devices are targeted to steal the information, in most of the cases is malware. Hacker sends SMS message to some premium rate numbers, you win some big amount, asking some details about your interest. If you are sensible enough, you can avoid it without using any antivirus software.

Past Attacks on Android 

In the month of April 2013, a form of malware called BadNews was downloaded million times by the users from Google Play store. That malware affected a million phones and leaked their personal information. Some apps are specially designed to comprise people’s Android devices. App like gaming, entertainment. Hackers always try to upload some most malicious apps in the google play store, those apps are like Wallpaper Dragon Ball, a wallpaper app and the games Finger Hockey and Subway Surfers free tips, just installing that apps can easily comprise your Android device without your permission.  This the reason why there should be antivirus on android as a safe side to protect your device from such attacks.


We hope the above information may give you some idea of how attacks on android are happening and aware you need to be while downloading the apps from google pay store. Therefore, you need have extra protection for your android devices against viruses and malware attacks especially when don’t know much about web security hence, the antivirus is really useful for your devices because it takes care of all the attacks and makes your device virus free. Like never before on daily basis there more and more malware attacks are increasing immensely to steal the data and make use of it.  Moreover having a strong Antivirus is really useful because it helps you to be safe and it finds outs malware and virus attacks. Having Antivirus on Android is no harm and it’s really up to you.


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