Now a day We can’t imagine our life without the internet.The Internet is an ocean of knowledge, data, and information or you can say you can get everything here.This the web Browser which works as a bridge between web world and user.A browser is a software used to transfer, receive and display information data worldwide In this post; I will discuss Best Browser for Linux in details.

As we all know the role of Browser so before choosing any Browser for your use, It is recommended to know all pros and cons of that particular browser.An appropriate web browser enhances your browsing experience.Check here the

Top 5 Best Browser for Linux

Linux is a Free source computer Os (Operating System).It is the most secure operating system available.It is a completely a command based Os that’s why it is not as much popular as Windows, but now a day a large mass is shifting towards Linux as its source code is open to review and repairs if required.Here I am Listing Top 5 Best Browser for Linux

# 1 Mozilla Firefox: Best Web Browser For Linux

best browser for linux

Mozilla is the best web browser For Linux.In overall worldwide most popular web browser Mozilla comes on the third number, but for the Linux’s web browser it is on the top of the list. Mozilla is the fastest Linux browser.  Mozilla  Firefox is the most customizable web browser along with some add-ons.Mozilla is world famous for its speed, add-ons and theme.It offers spell checker, bookmarking private browsing and much more. The test shows Mozilla Firefox is the best memory efficient browser with super Javascript performance.This is why now Firefox is coming as default web browser for Linux

#2  Chrome: Browser for Linux Operating System

Browser for linux

Chrome is a product of Google.Chrome is the world most used web browser know for its light weight and fast javascript experience.It gains tremendous popularity in a very small span of time with 50% market share.Like Firefox it is not an open source so you cannot review the source code.

Chromium is also an open source web browser like Firefox.From Chromium Chrome gets is source code.It is also distributed with Linux as a default web browser.Most of the chrome and chromium features are same but with different licensing.

#3 Opera: Best Browser for Linux based OS

Browser for linux

Opera is fast and secure Web browser.It was developed in Europe. Opera is the most underrated web browser. That’s why it is not much popular like chrome and firefox.It was the first browser to launch speed Dail features.It offers mouse gesture, download manager, extension, Private Browser, Turbo Mode and other use full features like built-in ad blocker.It is also an excellent browser for Linux.

#4 QupZila: Linux’s Web Browser

best browser for linux 2017

QupZila is also a free source web browser. It is very simple to use.It is a lightweight multi-platform web browser.As it is light weight, its speed is good.It comes with unique features of Speed Dail and inbuilt ad block.It overall features available in competitors.It provides a great user experience. If you have not used it yet just try it for at least one time you will feel the difference.

#5Midori: Browser for Linux

 Best browser for Linux

Midori is also an open source web browser with a great user interface.It is known for its fast start up time, and great responsiveness.thes two are the key features to make Midori so popular as Linux browser.It provides features like ad block, mouse gesture , private browsing and much more.If you are a developer and looking for Linux browser, Midori is the best suit for you.



The above-discussed browser is best suited for Linux, but apart from these five, there is also another browser. I will discuss them in next post.The above-mentioned browser is selected by Speed and performance.For any Related Query Feel free to comment in the comment box.hey guys don’t miss to hit like and share with your friends.

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