In this era of Technology,  most of us can’t imagine our life without PC or Laptop.With the advancement of technology, the use of PC is not limited to a data storage device.Apart from Data storage and educational or other professional use PC can also be used for Entertainment purpose.We are using PC for Music, Movies watching, TV shows and more.

To manage All these kinds of stuff on a PC a software required.And the most popular software for this kind of stuff on a PC is KODI.

KODI is an open source Media Player software, developed by XBMC.Eariler KODI was known by the name of XBMC.It is a free Software But the features which are available in this software are extremely good.It is highly customizable and equipped with numbers of add-ons.

If You are reading this post I am sure you are looking for something different.That is something different other than Kodi Or We can simply be called it Kodi Alternatives.

In this article, I am writing about the best 5 alternatives to Kodi for the three major platforms: Mac OS, Windows and Linux. How do they stack up? Are they good enough to replace Kodi? Let’s find out! the best suited for you.

Top 5 Best KODI Alternatives


Here we are discussing the best alternatives for Kodi and the best  Kodi alternative is Plex.The first thing why I am posting Plex as the first alternative for Kodi is because of  Plex’s features.Plex is equipped with all Kodi alike features.The second reason due to which Plex is considered as the best alternatives for Kodi is It can be stream to several devices due to its client- server architecture.

Best Kodi Alternatives

This product will give you a chance to oversee or see your media library through a dimensional UI. Plex has a throng of channels like the additional items that Kodi has. Along these lines, these channels permit you to stream content in view of differing qualities of subjects.

If you are using Plex you can you can access media from a server or different operating systems via Apps.This is equally suited for Window, Mac, Linux and others.This Software is available Free of cost in the market but If you want to avails some premium features of this software you can subscribe by paying a subscription charge stars $4.99per Month.

2Universal Media Server

If you are looking for the best Kodi alternatives for your Window then the Universal Media Server is the best Kodi alternative for You.This software is also suited for Linux and OX S.The most important features of this software is it most simple and easy to use User Interface(UI)

best kodi alternative

Some of it best features are is Bit rays adjustment which works according to network speed. And, the web interface which works with devices that don’t have DLNA support.

Besides, Universal Media Server is a Kodi alternative that is Java based. It has some plug-ins that do everything from getting a movie from IMDB to integrating with MediaMonkey music database.

It supports streaming to a huge variety of devices it can transcode most of the audio, video and image format without any configuration.


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Embay is the best open source alternatives for Plex Media Server.One of the best Kodi Alternatives.It also runs on a server with officials support to Mac, window and Linux.In the recent version of Emby there is a provision for Folder sync and cloud sync among others features.Emby is available in three version or you can say classification.The first is dedicated to Tv Apps and mobile Apps. the second one is for OS such as Window, Mac and Linux and the third is dedicated to TV Apps which has diverse of supporting like Smart TV, Samsung TV Andriod TV and others.

Best kodi alternative

The media can be access through a web interface.Apart from this media can be also accessed through different Emby apps available for mobile.

Emby also offers a bit of live functionality and DVR recordings.But the main features is its parental control and web-based tool to edit metadata and search subtitle.

Like Plex it is also available for free.But if you want to use its premium features you have to subscribe its monthly plan of $4.99.

4Media Portal

Media Portal is also the best  Kodi Alternatves.There is no doubt that it is not as popular as the others mentioned in above.But this software is also equipped with some of the best features.this system allows you to watch and record live Tv and the second best thing about this system it can Play any media files from the storage file as well as from DVD and Blu-rays.

best kodi alternative

This Software is specially designed for Windows.This is free of cost and you can download it to use on your Window PC. You can stream content from popular services if you install corresponding plug-ins.


TVersity is a Kodi XStream alternative which is a DLNA based media server.With the help of TVersity, you can stream your personal video or media from your PC to mobile phone or TV.

By using this Application you can track your PC screen video, audio and web contents.It was the first media server which offers live transcoding.

best kodi alternative

TVersity Media Server transcodes the video on the PC into a perfect codec and afterwards streams it to the device.

TVersity expects to:

Convey any media to any gadget

Give a Personal Entertainment Guide (PEG) by permitting clients to make a customised lineup of channels from URLs, RSS channels, playlists and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.



No Doubt Kodi is the best and the most popular media player software for home and theatre.But as we all know that there is nothing which is best suited for everyone.So if you want to try some of the best  KODI alternatives for an experience you can go with any one of the above-mentioned media players.Apart from above-mentioned alternatives for Kodi there is other media player also.But in this post, I had tried to list those media player which features are alike Kodi or close to it.Try them out and feel free to share the experience.


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