If you are a combat game freak, then this game will make you crazy.
It is a base-building strategy game that requires players to build armies, attack enemies, research goods, gather resources, and become the most dominant player.Castle Clash:Rise of Beats
this game Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts makes you feel like a warrior how leaders hero to save his peoples and village and in this process a number of clash just amazing feeling of the warrior. lots of heroes to choose from, nice features and modes and the game really is exciting!
Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts is pretty much a much, much better version of clash of clans. Latest update is brilliant. The new battle modes help progression massively.This time it is equipped with fast paced strategy for combat. If you are thinking that it is like other Combat based game then let me tell you that you are not 100% right.This game gives you many chances to gain gems for free and get legendary heroes without having to spend money which is great for F2P players who are just starting the game.


Live Demo of Castle Clash:Rise of Beasts
NoTE: This time it is also available in French,  German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Korean so this time Language.


Special Features Of The Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts
1 You can build and fortify an impenetrable fortress to check your enemy and save your people.
2 It gives you full freedom to Create an Ultimate warriors from different troops.
3 You can unite with friend and clashes throughout the world.
More Exciting co-op and PvP modes than any other mobile strategy game.



Why Should you need to play Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts


1 Very easy to play:
It gives you plenty of the way to get coins and gems without having to buy.
2 Completely free
It is not forced you yo buy things in order to move forward
3 Good Graphics
The graphics of the game is amazing to feel you like real battel ground
4 Best Strategy Game.
This game gives you full freedom to makes strategy in order to win the clash.
5 Great time killer
last but not the least it is the great Time killer, you can play the game for whole day without getting bored


Download Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts


This is one of the most downloaded game.
It is available in google play under the strategy category and it is free of cost.
you can download it from google play
It can run on both Andriod and windows.As per google play, total numbers of download is more than 50 million.You can imagine how popular is it.


Scope of Improvement


The only thing that I don’t really like is the fact that some modes have a damage cap which makes skills max potential rendered useless.

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