iPhone is the most secure and advanced smartphone in the world.If you are reading this post, I am sure that you have an iPhone.This phone security and privacy are very advance. But sometimes this safety and privacy create some difficulty for its user. Here I am discussing one of the days to day problem faced by iPhone user.


How to delete All contact at a time from iPhone

In iPhone and iPad you cannot delete multiple contacts.By default iPhone allows you to delete your contacts one by one.If you have to delete one or two contacts, you can delete it easily but If you have to delete 100 contacts or more then deleting contacts one by one is not feasible.Because it takes a lot of time and you will get irritated if you go for deleting 100 contacts one by one.

After reading this post, you need not worry for the same.There is a way to delete multiple or all contact from your iPhone.In this Post How to delete all contact from iPhone, I will guide you to delete multiple contacts at a time without using PC and iTunes.

For deleting multiple contacts from your iPhone, You need to download an App named Cleaner Pro.It is available in play iOS.It is free App, so you need not to pay any bucks for it.Now follows these simple steps to delete multiple contacts from iPhone.

Steps to Delete Multiple Contacts from iPhone


#Step 1 Download Cleaner Pro from Apple App store i.e iOS

#Step2 Launch the App

#Step3 Go to the all contact tab

#Step4 Click on Edit Icon

How Remove contacts from iPhone


#Step5 Now select the contact you want to delete from the contact list.

#Step5 Tap on Tash icon at lower end right corner.

select contacts to delete from iPhone

#Step6 Confirm you indeed want to delete these contacts by tapping Delete

These are the six simple steps to delete multiple from iPhone.

How to Delete All contact from iPhone at one time.

If you want to delete all contact instantly.This app allows doing the same.I am listing below the simple steps how to delete all contact from iPhone at one time.

Follow the first three steps mentioned above.Instead of selecting contact tap on the check mark on the upper right corner.Once you will check it all contact will automatically get selected

delete all content from iPhone

Confirm the delete and it is done


Follows the above-mentioned steps and delete as many contacts you required.For iPhone related tips and tricks keep visitingReviewsgram.

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