Dropbox is a file Hosting service owned by An American company Dropbox, Inc.Within a decade, it becomes most popular cloud storage and syncing Service in the world.The reasons behind such a massive popularity are its simplicity to use.Dropbox synchronises your photos and documents. If you want to send a quick link to your photo gallery or paper over multiple computers you can do it with just a single click.

But we know that a coin always has two faces, In the same way, Dropbox have a large number of positive point, but it has a negative point too.In this post titled Dropbox Alternatives 2017, I will discuss all the merit and demerits of Dropbox in details.And what’s are the other best available option other than Dropbox.So, first of all, I am discussing here the Merits and demerits of DropBox

Merits and Demerits of DropBox

Before writing about Alternative of Dropbox, it is necessary to discuss the Merits and demerits of Dropbox.Here we are listing some of the major Merits and demerits of Dropbox.By going through this, we can justify the Alternatives of Dropbox.

Merits of Dropbox

  1. User-Friendly: It is the most responsible reason behind Dropbox popularity.There is no any special skill requirement for it.It is even easier than installing a game.Just install a small Dropbox software, and you are ready to use.Synchronising file, photo sharing and accessing to multiple devices was not much easy before it.
  2. Freemium: It provides 2 GB online storage space in free for lifetime.This is why most of the people prefer it.One more thing which I would like to mention here you can use most of the premium features with a free account also.
  3. Cross-Platform: You can share, synchronise and access across all different platform.Now you can use it for your  mobile phone with Dropbox App
  4. Besides these three Merits, there are also some good features

Demerits of Dropbox

  1. Share Environment: Dropbox is public cloud solution work on shared equipment this is the major concern from security point of views
  2. Data Security: Dropbox has a security black hole, while your files are encrypted in-transit and at rest, you can not in control the encryption keys. Dropbox employees or the government could see or access your files at and can use it without putting the things in your knowledge
  3. No control: once the data is shared you have no control over it.Anyone can edit delete or modify the files or even reshare the same.

Now after discussing key merits and demerits of Dropbox we are in position to discuss alternative of Dropbox.

Alternative of Dropbox

We are discussing here top three Dropbox alternatives keeping demerits of Dropbox in mind.In this Alternative the problems arise with Dropbox is shorted.Lets start with our first Dropbox Alternative.

#1 Alternative of Dropbox:Sync.com.”


Sync.com: With there Tag Line “Sync makes it easy to store, share and access your files from anywhere.Your privacy, guaranteed. ” claims the most secure and protect cloud storage service of the planet.It is one of the best Dropbox Alternative available.It has some of the very good and attractive features which make it use more interesting and efficient.features such as file sharing and syncing, automated cloud backups, device and user control, zero-knowledge encryption and HIPAA compliance for the pro plans.It provides 5 GB free online space which is greater than the 2 GB of Dropbox.

Sync.com Security: It never stores password during account creation or login.It also do not share password during Synchronisation

.Visit: Www.Sync.Com

Merits of Sync.com

  • Excellent security
  • Easy to use no any special skills required to use and manage
  • Granular file and folder permissions
  • Shared links expiry dates
  • Fast file transfers rate
  • No file size or version limitations
  • Single Sign On

Demerits of Sync.com

Limited sharing option and no folder upload via web or mobile .these two are the major demerits of Sync.com

#2 Alternative of Dropbox:Spideroak ONE.”


Spideroak ONE : It Claims:” Feel Safe Again. Most people don’t care about privacy. We do. Zero Knowledge cloud solutions for collaboration and backup”It is also a very good alternative to Dropbox.It is the first cloud storage and backup service which focus on the security of transferred file and photo.any file upload to there system/server automatically get encrypted before it leaves the computer with only single accesses i.e only you can access the file.

File sharing is very safe here.Documents in the mutual room are put away in plain content. This was not withstanding, does not influence other information you have in your account.

Visit: Spideroak ONE

Merit of Spideroak ONE

  • Completely zero-knowledge privacy
  • Combines online backup with sync and collaboration
  • A boat load of security options for shared rooms, like password protection
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available

Deceits of Spideroak ONE

  • Software  is not updated for last 2 or three years
  • slow upload and download speeds
  • too many options, especially when sharing and syncing files can confuse the user.

#3 Alternative of Dropbox:MEGA.”


Mega: It is a simple online storage solution .here you can upload you the file via web and download on the differnt device.End-to-end encryption is MEGA’s security establishment. That implies information that leaves your program remains scrambled until the planned beneficiary unscrambles it. In this way, everything private is secured by an ace key. The ace key itself is secret word secured by PBKDF calculations. The record substance is sectioned into squares and encoded with supposed session keys.This is why it is considered as an Alternative to Dropbox


Merits of MEGA

  •  It provide Free 50GB encrypted cloud storage which is much much more than 2 GB of dropboxIt 
  • Includes a syncing client for all major OSs
  • It is Easy to use, public link sharing available 

Demerits of MEGA

  • Sometimes buggy and slow upload speeds
  •  Due to slow speed shared folders sometimes disappear from the account dashboard



In this post-I tried to post the top three Alternative of Dropbox with their Pros and cons.Apart from these three clouds storage service, there are several other cloud services available on the web.As in the very beginning of this post, I told every coin has to face again I am saying the same all cloud storage service has some merits and demerits which I mentioned in the post.Before choosing any cloud storage service, it is recommended to check it privacy facilities and compare with another service.For any Related query feel free to ask.If you like this post, please do share with your friends.

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