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After Demonetization a large number of internet user shifting towards (Digital Payment) e-Payment,Net banking and mobile banking for bill payment fund transfers shopping etc.The government is also appealing people to use digital payment as it is easy to use.There are several modes of digital payment such as internet banking, mobile banking, electronic wallet and many more.Before making any digital transaction be sure that your account details, credit card, debit card and wallet data are secured or not.

Here we are sharing 10 safety tip to secure your digital payment in details.Before making any digital transaction must check this points to confirm you are secure from risk of phishing.Phishing is a fraudulent means to attaining your confidential banking information.

Five Safety Tips to Secure Mobile Banking and e-Payment


In this era of Smart phone our whole lifestyle is revolving around the mobile phones .we are using our mobile phones as a laptop, Camera, more .video camera and for more.Now a days must of us use the cell phone for online shopping, bill payment, mobile recharge Fund Transfer, etc.In this process, there is always a risk of Phishing.So the things which come in our mind how to minimize the chance of Phishing to its lowest.If you are using your mobile phone for any of the above-mentioned purposes please follows this steps.

1 Download only Trustworthy App from Secured Source

Always download apps from official sites our App stores .There are different App stores according to your smartphone platform. if you are using Android you need to go Google Play Store and  for iPhone Apple Store. Apart from these two there are also other trustworthy App Store .

2 Always read  App privacy policy carefully

While downloading Apps most of us do not read Privacy Policy which is a blunder .Always read privacy policy if you are downloading App specially which is uses for money transactions.Try to avoid the Apps which ask permission to Access your Contact Information Photos and Mails Because leak of this information put you in trouble.

3 Must go through Reviews and Ratings of App before downloading

Must read more than 20 reviews of the App. If you find any suspicious reviews avoid to install that particular App.some time App developer spam the reviews so as much reviews you will read the chance of fraud will be least.

4 Use Strong Password

Most important tips always use Password to your Phone to secure your confidential information.If possible try to use different password for banking App i.e password different from phone lock password.

5 Use Secure Net Connection

Last but not the least always use secure net connection never perform any transaction from public internet connection because this public network are easy to hack.

NOTE  Check Mobile Website for  HTTPS instead of HTTPe-payment,mobile banking,net banking,tips secure net banking

Always look for secure HTTPS it Guarantees that any data passed between your device and server is only shared with those two machines.

5 Tips to Secure NET BANKING

In this hectic life style, we do not have much time to go Bank and wait in ques for transferring fund to our Family friends and business partners. To safe, our time and money every bank is providing the facility of  Net banking.Net banking is an easy and convenient mode of banking it can be used for fund transfer, ticket booking, bill payment online shopping and much more.But there is always a chance of online fraud, leaking of your private accounts details may put you in huge trouble.If you are a user of net banking, always consider some basic points while transactions.These points are

1 Never open unknown links from your email or messages

In most case hacker send links through email and messages.If you open this link a virtual page similar to you, bank home page will appear.When you fill the details the hacker collect your confidential details.

2 Never share you ATM pin Login details CVV number to any person

Sharing of any of these details leads you to trouble .In recent times fraud, calls made by cheater asking your ATM card number CVV number never share you ATM Card Details.CVV is the three digit number mentioned on the back of your ATM card.

3 Frequently Change your Password and make a strong passworde-payment,mobile banking,net banking,tips secure net banking

Most of us use same ATM pin or Login password, year .transaction password for several month.Trust me if you are also doing the same change it right now.Try to change your Password frequently.

Go for the strong password for your net banking which includes upper case , lower case, number and most important a special character, i.e., @#$%^&*.

Never use your mobile number, your nickname, roll number date of birth and like this as the password .This information are easily available which make the task of hacker very easy.

4 Never use cyber cafe or public Network for making online transactions

There are lots of spyware and malware are available in the market which stores your data without your knowing.If possible avoid office computer if it is used by other colleagues also.

5 Type your bank URL in Address bar

Instead of searching your bank in google prefer to type you bank URL in address bar.This practice save you from clone site – fake site exactly similar to original site and make your Net Banking experience wonderful.

These are the basic and  most effective  methods to save your hard earn money from any fraud .At last I would like to say  e-Payment, Net banking and mobile banking is very secure no need to scare just follow the above discussed point and enjoy Bank Facilities in you home save time save money and stay updated.

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