If your smartphone is lost or stolen, no need to worry.I will tell you a 100% full proved method to locate your smartphone.By using this steps you will easily trace your phone within in one minute and most important it is free of cost and very simple to trace.

Find my phone

Five simple steps to Find my phone

Google had introduced a new feature to find your phone.It is very simple to track your phone location.So guys do not need to worry if your phone is lost or stolen just follows these five steps to find your phone.


When we buy a smartphone it’s required to login with a google account. So what you need to do is open your google home page and sign in with the same google account you have registered in your smartphone.


find my phone


If you are not sure about the google account you had registered with a smartphone then no need to Worry.Just use any google account which you used to operate from your smartphone i.e the account you used to send or receive emails from your smartphone.


Type ‘Whare’s my phone?’ in google homepage search bar.As you enter this words ‘Whare’s my phone?’ in search bar a map will open.


In this map, you will see your phone location.Google will trace your smartphone and tell you the exact location of your smartphone.find my phone


If you have forgotten your phone after placing somewhere in your home.You can easily find your phone and for this, you have to follow this.You can ring it on full volume and then you will easily find it.

Now you are wondering what to do if the phone is in silent mode.Again no need to worry.There is provision RING DEVICE  available at the bottom of the map.You can use it if your phone in silent mode.


It also has a feature to lock your phone screen or erase data from your lost phone.

erase data from lost phone

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Find my phone is one of the best features to trace lost or stolen phone.This feature of google is very helpful to find your phone location in case your phone is lost or stolen.Sometimes it happens that we put our phone in our home or office and forgot the location at that time also we can use it.It is 100% verified method you can try it anytime.Share if you find this article helpful.you are welcome to comment for any related Queries.

NOTE: Your phone  must be in switch ON


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