After the grand success of Jio, this year on 22nd July in Annual General Meeting of Reliance  Industries limited Mr.Mukesh Ambani the Chairperson of Reliance Industries announces the Jio 4G Phone just in Rs 1500. The Jio has witnessed a grand success in the very short span of time. This is the reason which motivates the Reliance to launch the Jio 4G Phone in the market.

When Mr Mukesh Ambani comes on the Podium every one was expecting something like Jio or some more cheaper jio Plan but when Mr Ambani Announce a Jio 4G Phone in just Rs 1500 the crowd was shocked and cheered it at its best. It is quite amazing to get a Jio 4G Mobile in just 1500 while the minimum average cost of a 4G mobile is about Rs 5ooo.

In this article, I will tell you about each and every features specification and How to book Jio 4G mobile.So let’s start with the Features of Jio 4G mobile.

Features of Jio 4G Mobile

jio phone features

The Jio 4G Mobile is equipped with numbers of good features. Providing such an Amazing features in a Rs 1500 mobile is really tough but Reliance Industries has successfully done it.

  • It is the first Alpha numeric key word 4G Phone of the world.
  • 4-way navigation key for smooth and easy movement which earlier used to be Nokia and others phones.
  • Compact and handy design
  • 2.4″ QVGA Display
  • SD card slot
  • Rear Camera
  • Micro phone and speaker
  • head phone jack
  • Torch light
  • FM Radio

This 4G phone is a great combination of cutting edge technology and compact design.This Phone will give you the feel of your first Nokia mobile i.e Nokia 1600,1650 with the latest technology of 4G.

How To Book  Jio 4G Mobile

The most important thing which I would like to tell you that the Effective cost if  Jio 4G Phone is Zero.Yes, it is Zero.Because the Rs 1500 is refundable after 3 years. In his speech, Mr.Mukesh Ambani told that the cost of this phone is free but we are taking Rs 1500 to avoid the miss use of this Jio 1500 Phone.

For buying a Jio 4G mobile first of all you have to do the Pre-booking of jio 4G Phone and after the one month time from the Pre-Booking, your Jio 4G Phone will be delivered at your address.

jio 4g phone booking

You can Book Jio 4G Phone Free by visiting the official site of Jio. As I had mentioned above For buying a Jio 4G mobile you need to Do Pre -Booking which will be going to starts from 24 August 2017 and the delivery of Phone will start from the mid of September.

Confirm Jio 4G Phone Pre Booking

Since the announcement of Jio 4G Phone, every  body is excited to book the Jio Phone so a confirmed Pre-booking is a little bit difficult.Here we are providing you with some basic and easy tips which improve your chance of confirming Jio 4G phone Pre-booking.

  • Try to do Pre-booking from Laptop or PC not from you mobile because due to heavy traffic its takes more time to open a page in mobile.
  • Clear cookies before doing Pre-booking  Jio 4g phone
  • Be sure about your mode of payment such as net banking, by debit or credit card, Jio Money or any others.
  • Keep your mobile with you so that you can check OTP in less time.
  • Note down your card details such as card number, card holder names etc in notepad so that you can easily do the copy paste instead of typing all the details at the time of Jio 4G Phone Pre-booking.

By taking this above-mentioned point you can boost your chance of confirmed Jio 4G mobile.

The success of Jio is world known after the launch of Jio in last year the number of internet user in India get a hike of 37% and all credit goes to the free Jio 4G data.Before the launch of Jio the data charge of telecom company other than Jio was very very high but after the launch of Jio it is going cheaper day by day which is a great relief to the users.

In the same way, Jio 4G phone will definitely change the Phone market.Because the minimum average cost of a 4G phone is about Rs5000 while the Jio4G phone is free.The best part of this Jio 4G phone is it is completely indigenous it means that the phone is completely made in India which also boosts Make in India programme launched by the government of  India.


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