Hotstar is a video streaming site own by Star India.Hotstar was launched in the year 2005.It provides a variety of videos contents including Bollywood movies, video songs, daily soaps and live streaming of cricket and football.

Hotstar provides videos in more than ten Indian languages such as Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi Malayalam, etc. Hotstar has numbers of tv shows and movies you can watch a lot of Bollywood and Tollywood movies here.The movies in local languages are also available.The hot star is very much popular in Indian youngster, and the only reason is the life streaming of Cricket matcheshow to use hotstar in USA

The only drawback with Hotstar is it is a Geo- Restricted service.It means that you cannot watch videos on Hotstar if you are out of Indian territory.There are so many video Geo-restricted video streaming sites such as Pandora, Crackle, Hulu and others. This all are restricted to US and UK only.

So earlier watching the Hotstar outside India was not possible but in this tutorial, I will discuss how to watch Hotstar outside India or How to watch Hotstar in USA.



How to Watch Hotstar Out Side India

If you are travelling or staying in countries like USA, India.Australia, Dubai or any countries otheIndia.You will not be able to watch your favourite daily soap Bollywood movie on Hotstar.

Because when you search for your favourite videos on Hotstar, you will get a message states “Content Unavailable. The content currently unavailable in your region.” Because as I had mentioned above Hotstar is a Geo-Restricted. First of all, Hotstar looks for Your IP address by IP address easily and quickly identifies the exact location of a user .

On the Basic of your IP address, Hotstar decides are you in India or outside India.We have to play with the IP Address to misguide Hotstar with an Indian IP Address. An Indian IP Address will unblock Hotstar outside India.Let’s see how to Unblock Hotstar

Unblock Hotstar

Here I am mentioning the whole process to unblock Hotstar outside India with an Indian IP address away from India.So that You get answer of How to watch Hotstar in USA.

  1. The first thing which required is a VPN server in India. For this sign up with a VPN provider which as VPN server in India.You will easily find so many VPN providers with VPN server in India.
  2. Set up a VPN  on Your Andriod, iOS and Mac or PC.and for setting VPN on your device you have to only Installed the VPN app.
  3. After installing in your device connect to an Indian server and by doing this you will get an Indian IP
  4. Our main motto was to get an Indian IP address, and now we have Indian IP address.
  5. All that’s left to do is go to the Hotstar website or launch to the Hotstar app and watch any video you want.
  6. Similarly, you can watch any India based video audio streaming channel.


How To Download Hotstar in the USA

For downloading Hotstar in USA follows the same procedure to get an Indian IP address once you got an Indian IP Address, device and open play store here you will get Hotstar App device and installed it.


Final Words:By following the above mentioned method  How to watch Hotstar in USA  you can watch Hotstar in USA and any other part of world.You can also use the same process to watch any other video streaming site which are restricted India, for this the only things which required an IP address of that particular country.Feel free to ask any realted quires.Hit like and share this content with you Friends

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