OGWhatsapp: Being a human we all want to be connected with our family friends, relatives and societies.But now a day due to our hectic schedule we did not get much time to meet our friends and family members personally.Sometimes students have to live away from their family for their education. Similarly, some people live away from family due to their job.

To fill this gap, a different mode of communication comes into existence such as phone, mobile, internet and much more.  Due to the revolution in communication technology, we are achieving milestone every single day the whole globe is in our pocket now.With the advancement in technology now it is very easy to stay connected with our friends, Families and relatives.In the last twenty years, Telecommunication witnessed huge changes in its technology across the world.Earlier making an international phone call was very very costly but now there are lots of Apps are available in the web store Such as Facebook, Whatsapp, OGwhatsapp and much more like this.

We can call the last decade was the era of Andriod and social networking site.Social networking site is the site which provides us platform to connect with friend and relatives.We can also connect with unknown people from any part of the globe

What is OGWhatsapp

There are many social networking sites available on the web world.But the most popular is the FACEBOOK and Whatsapp.Whatsapp gains its huge popularity in very short span of time, the reason is its handy and useful features. Actually, OGWhatsApp has no option to concatenate messages from 2 different accounts but you can use OGWhatsApp for one number and the real Whatsapp for another number.

The app allows you to make text messaging, Voice and video call anywhere in the world.and no any additional cost for it.The app is completely free and the only thing which you need to pay is Internet data cost.In spite of all these features, there is some limitation with Whatsapp and that is you can only use one Whatsapp application in one mobile phone or smartphone.Even if you are using a dual sim phone or smartphone.You can only activate one number in one phone for Whatsapp.The solution for this limitation is OGwhatsapp.

ogwhatsapp 2017 latest version

OGWhatsapp Latest version 2017 Download

Usually,  Whatsapp allows registering only one number with one cell phone.In simple word If you have a dual sim mobile and you are using two different number in the same handset.You can use Whatsapp with any one number at a time.

Sometimes it happened you are using two numbers on your phone.One number is your professional number, and other is personal.In this type of situation, you have to sacrifices WhatsApp connection either with your friend and family or with your boss and office colleagues.Or another solution is to buy two cell phone use one sim in each

Here only the requirement of OGWhatsapp come into the world.Because people are looking for something by which they can use two different Whatsapp account in the single phone.

 Features of OGWhatsapp

OGWhatsapp has equipped with plenty of special features.I am listing few of the amazing features which make OGWhatsapp unique from the crowd.

  1. You can use two WhatsApp accounts (multiple WhatsApp accounts) in a single phone .as well as with its additional features it also inherits standard features of WhatsApp application.So by using this application OGwhatsapp, you can stay connected with your friend and family along with the boss and office colleagues with two different numbers.
  2. Use of modified features in WhatsApp.
  3. As well as with its additional features, it also inherits standard features of WhatsApp application
  4. User-Friendly User Interface UI same as Whatsapp.You will feel no difference from Whatsapp while using OGwhatsapp.
  5. You can also hide your last seen.To get some more privacy
  6. OGwhatsapp securely transfers your messages between any devices by consuming lower data.
  7. You can hide blue tick.
  8. It is based on the latest version of WhatsApp.

How to Install OGWhatsapp Apk

Here I am guiding you with step by steps guide how to install OGWhatsapp.Follow the below mentioned simple steps to download OGWhatsapp APK on your mobile phone.The basic requirement for OGWhatsapp is a dual sim cell-phone.

Installation is quite easy as same as Whatsapp, but you need to concern about some precautions before starting install OGWhatsapp.

Backup All messages and data: – It is better to keep a manual backup of your Whatsapp account before going to install OGWhatsapp. If anything happens wrong, you can easily revert the procedure. For taking a Whatsapp backup

  1. Download the OGWhatsapp from the Play store.The App is available in google play store.you can also download the same from other trusted source.
  2. Go to configurations after which to applications column. There you’re going to get a choice too obvious the information from the WhatsApp.
  3.  Now to visit the Sdcard drive out of your mobile.
  4. There you will find a folder named WhatsApp.
  5.  Now change  the folder towards the title OGWhatsap
  6. That’s it. Now install the application
  7. You’ll need a classic telephone number verification. Verify that
  8. Then download the original WhatsApp or even the official WhatsApp. Check your brand-new number with this Whatsapp

Summary: OGWhatsapp is a free application available in play store with similar features of Whatsapp.OGWhatsapp allows its user to use two Whatsapp account in a single phone.You can also get it from other trusted source, and it is also suited for iPhones.For any related questions feel free to ask in the comment box below.









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