Before discussing How To Root Android Without PC? First of all, I would like to give you brief ideas of What is Android Rooting ?and what are its advantages and disadvantages?So let’s start our topic with answering the fundamental Questions.

What is Andriod Rooting ???

As we all know that Andriod is an open source OS(operating system), where we run the Android-based application but Andriod OS, not allows us to access all its features.Rooting is a process to cross over all limitations and access all features of the OS.In simple words, Rooting is the process to customize the OS as per our requirement.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantage of Rooting

Rooting Your mobile phone has several advantages, but here  I am listing some of the best Advantages for Andriod rooting.But we all know that there is always a second side of the coin.In the same way, there is some disadvantage too.So let’s starts with:


  • Access your phone root directory.You can delete or edit any system file as per your requirement.
  • You can change your CPU frequency to get good network signal and enhance your phone performance.
  • By underclocking your phone, you can improve your battery life too.
  • By uploading custom ROM likeCM11 and CM12 and other, you can upgrade your phone by your own.
  • You can also increase your phone internal memory as you can swap your internal memory and SD card without any problem.


  1. It may cause your phone to HARD BRICK.Rooting the phone is not an easy stuff a minor mistake a can destroy your phone.So, I always suggest only go for Rooting when you are experienced or have very well knowledge of all the kinds stuff related to your phone.
  2. Once you go for your Android phone rooting it cause the violation of  Warranty terms and conditions.This is the reason must of the people not go for Rooting of their Andriod phone.But the fact is that you can also unroot your phone to get warranty back.
  3. It causes data loss during rooting, so I always recommend making a backup before going for rooting.
  4. Third-party ROM can misuse your data.
  5. Sometimes it also results in random reboot and crash of applications.

After going through the above, I am sure that you are very well aware of rooting an Android phone and its effects and side effects.Now, Are you ready to Root your Phone ???

How To Root Android Without PC

Here I am going to discuss How To Root Android Without PC.In this post, I will discuss top three application by the help which you can root your Android phone without PC.This APK works on most of the Andriod phones.


root andriod without pcIn the list of Android Root Apps, the Framaroot comes on top of the rank.With the help of this App, you can root your phone without PC.You can root any Andriod mobile just with a single click by using this app.It is created for MTK chipest .



How to root Andriod without PC by using  Framaroot

  1. Download Framaroot APK in your phone
  2. Install the APK in your phone
  3. open framaroot from app drawer now
  4. Now select exploit from the list.If you don’t have the idea about exploit try all one by one from the list.
  5. Click on Root button.It is done!!


how to root andriod without pcIt is also very popular android root APK.It is very easy and simple to use.It is a chines App but also available in English and other modes.It supports multiple Android phones such as Samsung, Sony Lava and much more.You can root your phone just with a single click.


How to root Andriod without PC  using  IROOT

  1. Download IROOT APK in your phone
  2. Install the Apk on your phone.
  3. Open the Apk file select I Agree
  4. Click on root button
  5. It will root your phone successfully just by a single click.


vrootIt is also an excellent option to root your Andriod phone.It is best suitable for the Andriod which use Spectrum chipsets.This app has the best User Interface(UI).It can root almost all the android phone.This app equipped with two root method: Temporary Root Method: after restarting the mobile all phone rooting process are gone.The permanent root method: Phone will root for always untile you flash stock the ROM

you can choose any of the options as per your requirement.

How to root Andriod without PC  Z4ROOT

  1. Install Z4Root in your phone
  2. select Temporary root or permanent root( as per your requirement)
  3. click on root button
  4. Wait for a minute to make sure root in completed
  5. Now restart your phone, it is done!!!


This is all about How to Root Andriod without PC.Here I have discussed top three apps as per my personal experience after use.All this app are free of cost and easily available in app stores.As per my Advice, please don’t go for your phone Rooting if you are not familiar with all these stuff in details.A single mistake can harm your mobile.

Feel free to comment for any related query.

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