start earning from Youtube in one hourIf you want to earn money online without any investment ?? the answer is Youtube.Yes, you can use Youtube for making a huge amount of money without any investment.Now I will tell you how to earn money from Youtube.

As we all know that Youtube is a video sharing platform.Here we get millions of videos with a single click

How to Upload video on Youtube

1 So what you need to do is make a video on any topic it may by your Barati Dance, classroom fun video in the most simple way you can say a video of anything. Are you are Ready with your video??

2 Create a Gmail account.Once you create a Gmail account login or sign in youtube with Gmail account .if you already have a Gmail account you can login with your existing account.

Youtube with Gmail account.If you already have a Gmail account, you can login with your current account.

3 Click on my channel below home button on the left side of your you can create your own channel to upload video.Once you were done with this three step now, you are ready to upload your videos.

4 On the Right top of your channel, you will see a see a upload button(upside arrow) .Click on that and upload your video from your mobile laptop or any other media storage devices.And give a catchy or attractive title because this title will play the very particular role in your video visibility on youtube.

5 Now click on Publish button.Now your video is available on youtube

How to earn money from Youtube for your video/How to monetize Youtube

One thing I would like to tell that youtube is the best way to earn money online.Because here you do not need to buy any domain, web hosting, web server, web designer.Youtube is giving all these to everyone in free of cost.

Once you uploaded your video, you will need to monetize your video to earn money.It is very simple to monetize your video.I am Discussing here in three very simple and easy to understand.

1 On the left side, you will see a channel button once you click on it pop down menu appears in which you will get Monetization tab.
Enable “Monetization” for your YouTube Account. The screenshot for doing the same is given belowhow to monetize youtube


2 After that, You will have to “Accept” all terms and condition. The screenshot of the same is given below:how to earn money from Youtube
3Finally, Click on “Monetize” Button. The screenshot of the same is given below:

monetize Youtube video




  How to associate an Adsense Account to Youtube

Click on “How Will I be Paid” and click on the link “Associate an Adsense Account“. The screenshot of the same is given below:how to create adsense for Youtube
Now you will redirect to a screen where you need to setup your Adsense account and submit the form.After filling all details, Click on “Submit” button.

Wait for 1-2 hours. You will get an Email containing the details of an Approved Adsense Account.
Within in one or two hours, you will get a confirmation mail in your associated mail.Enjoy and keep earning.For Any related Query feel free to ask in the comment below and don’t forget to like and Share.

For Any related Query feel free to ask in the comment box below and don’t forget to like and Share.

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